What does worship mean ⁉️🤔

What does worship mean ⁉️🤔

♻️Worship is a comprehensive name for everything that Allah loves

and pleases.

💠For example ,💢➡️to please your muslim sister is considered a form of worship if you take the intention of satisfying Allah the Almighty .

💢➡️If you gathered a group of people on whatsapp group to tell about Allah and help them to know about their religion as well .At the same time take the intention of doing this work to be for the sake of Allah.

Do you think the worship has conditions⁉️ 🤔

Yes sure, the worship has two conditions

📌The two conditions of worship are:

🔅 1️⃣ It has to be sincerely for the sake of Allah.

🔅2️⃣It has to be in accordance with

Sunnah of Allah’s messenger peace and blessing be upon him.

💢Cleaning 🧹you home 🏡is also considered a kind of worship if

you kept in your mind that your are the responsible one for that.

✳️Our messenger blessing and peace be upon him said (All of you are

a shepherd and all of you are responsible for his flock).

💢IF you set at your home 🏡taking the intention of {And abide

in your houses and do not display yourselves } Surat AlAhzaab ,33

👉you will be rewarded🎁🎁

for that as your achieved the two conditons of worship.

💡What are the pillars of worship?🤔

✳️Worship is based on three pillars?




❇️The perfection of love with the perfection of fear. It means to do the work with love {But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah}

Albaqara- verse 165

🔔You have to do you best in any

work you do ,not only that but also you have to do it with a great acceptance and tranquility with hope that Allah

will accept it from you.

✳️Seek refuge of Allah and stop bad mistrust.

✳️Trust that Allah will accept your deeds ,however ,you have to

fear His torment . Fear alone doesn’t work, and hope alone doesn’t help .

🌷 On the conterary, both of them

must be combined to secure yourself from Allah deception.

📌You have to keep the three pillars in your heart love, fear ,and hope.

🌐Our Muslim scholars were describing it as if some one cut the neck of a bird ( which represents Love) what will happen to this bird 🤔⁉️Sure, it will die. indeed, if you are performing your work without the feeling that you are doing them for the sake of Allah, you will feel as if you are doing tasteless deeds, on the other hand, if youare doing the same work with love and you keep in your mind that your are doing them for the sake of Allah and aiming for His Jannah(Paradise) you will find a good

taste for this work .

🤨Imagine if you see a bird with

a lump wing ( which represents the hope ] do you think it will be able to fly or you will find him stuck in

his place ,as he cannot fly .

🌀It is the same you can’t worship

Allah unless you combine love and fears of Allah in you mind and heart.

🛑Don’t let the side of fear to prevail the other sides ,otherwise you will not be able to do any thing and you will be

prisoner for this feeling or you may you stop doing any thing as you

think that Allah will not accept.

👉Be as the bird 🕊that

has a head [represents the love ] and two wings [one represent hope and the other represents fear ]

to be able to fly.

〽️As It was mentioned ,worship will not be accepted unless the two basic conditions are fullfilled.

💠{And they were not commanded except to worship Allah, (being) sincere to Him in religion, inclining

to truth and to establish prayer and give Salah. And that is the correct religion] Al bayyinah, verse(5).

💠The last two verses in Surat Al Kahf mentioned the two conditions {say I’m only a man like you, to whom has been revealed that your God ,so whoever

would hope for the meeting with his Lord, let him do rightous work and not associate in the worship of his Lord

anyone ] Alkahh, (110).

❇️Accordingly, the one who wants to meet his Lord and wants Him to forgive his sins, elevate his level in

Paradise, save him while crossing The Sirat bridge has to do righteous work and not associate in the worship of his lord anyone.

♻️Therefore, worship is a comprehensive name for everything that Allah loves and pleases .So if you please your sister and make her happy with a thing which satisfy Allah the Almighty in the same time you haven’t to agree with her on some thing that may make Allah angry such as agree on coming out from her home dressed and showered, 🛑Don’t

gift her make up set and you know that she will use it while going out of her home, or to gift her music Cassette

tape to please her.

🛑No sister, Take care, you are not worshiping Allah by doing that as you went against the condition of worship, 💡Let her happy by following Al shara (Allah commands) by obedience and you must have a knowledge of Jurisprudence.

♥️patting the head of orphan is a type of worship If you achieve the two conditions: sincerity and

following .

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